Entropy, an elusive concept
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Entropy, an elusive concept

Entropy could be used to describe physics or math preprocess; Often used in Bitcoin related topics. Using it could enlighten the true value of #Whirlpool regardless any prejudice about the developers. Seeing it's formula might cause uncomfortable for some.

Most users knows nothing about programming or math; Here's a quick way to understand it and acknowledged that every other method can't beat #Whirlpool, accessible at Samourai wallet or Sparrow wallet. H is the letter to denote entropy in math, so I'll use it from now on.

Entropy could be understandable as a measure unit of data over given scenario probabilities. Entropy could also be understandable as how many, on average, of yes/no questions are needed at least in order to get true value. Let's examine a simple flipping coin game. Each side has 50% to be seen, without calculations, the H(coin)=1. What does that mean for us? I would need at least 1 question on average to find if it was head or tail. Regardless to the answer, by one question I could find it.

What does this concept has to do with #Whirlpool ? Each TX has equal amount of inputs and outputs, which erase any deterministic links from past addresses to new ones. Once deterministic links has removed, each address has exactly same probability to be the one sent from previous. The highest entropy to be gained is exactly where all events has the very same probability. Highest entropy leads to highest number of questions needed and whenever an observer looks at these kind of TX, it leads to no where but lots of questions. Each #Whirlpool TX could be maped by 1496 different ways, which leads to H(TX)≈10.54, that's for only one round. Free rounds for UTXOs increase the anonymity set; Whirlpool is the only service that maximize it's users privacy, enforced by perfect mathematically concept.

Most easy way to check TX entropy and deterministic links is via KYCP. Use the tools, enhance your privacy.

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