FOSS Android Apps
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FOSS Android Apps

A curated list of free and open source apps for your (de-googled) android
FOSS Android Apps

App Store f-droid / aurora store / droid-ify / fossdroid
Password Manager bitwarden / keepassdx / keypass
2 Factor Authentication aegis / andotp / freeotp plus
VPN mullvad / ivpn / protonvpn / riseup
Tor Proxy orbot / invizible pro / tor services
Browser tor browser / bromite / fennec / mull
Email protonmail / tutanota
Email Client k-9 mail / fairemail
Email Alias simple login / anonaddy / guerrilla mail
Notepad standard notes / joplin / notally / quillnote
Messaging signal / threema / briar / wire / molly / jami
Default sms qksms
File Manager amaze / simple file manager
Video Conference jitsi meet
Xmpp Jabber Client conversations /
Telegram Client nekogramx / telegram-foss
Twitter Client twidere x / fritter / shitter / nitter
Matrix Client schildichat / element
Mastadon Client tusky
Reddit Client slide / infinity / stealth / redreader / dawn
Twitch Client twire
Cloud Storage nextcloud
Cloud Encryption cryptomator / boxcryptor
Syncing syncthing / davx5
Verify Cryptographic Identities keyoxide
Hashsum Calculation heasheasily / deadhash
Home Automation home assistant
Sandbox insular / shelter
Sandboxed Browser webapps
Youtube Client newpipe
Peertube Client thorium
Podcast antenna pod / escapepod
GPS magic earth / osmand+ / organic maps
Weather forecastie / geometric / clima
Calendar  proton calendar  / etar / simple calendar
Camera graphene / open camera / simple camera
Keyboard florisboard / anysoft / openboard
Media Player vlc / mpd / jellyfin
Document Reader & File Editor libreoffice
Torrent libretorrent / transdroid
Translator libretranslater
Speech Synthesizer rhvoice / espeak
Read it Later wallabag / anchr
PDF Viewer mupdf
RSS Feed Reader feeder / read you / freshrss / nunti
E-Book Reader librera reader
Whiteboard fluffyboard
Remove Image Metadata scrambled exif / imagepipe
Blur Sensitive Areas in Pictures privacyblur
Task Management tasks / delist / opentasks
Accounting & Invoicing invoice ninja
QR Barcode Scanner binary eye
Unit & Currency Converter converter now / currencies
PC Emulator limbo x86
Terminal Emulator termux / connectbot
KDE Integration kde connect
Usb Writer etchdroid
Scan Apps for Trackers classyshark3xodus
Airtag Tracking Protection airguard
Share GPS Location tice
Redirect Links to Privacy Alt untrackme
Detect Internet Censorship oonie probe
Fitness Workout Tracker fast n fitness
Calorie Counter food-tracker
Habit Tracker loop habit tracker
Record Data on Growing Plants growtracker
Barcode-Loyalty Card Wallet catima
Launcher kiss launcher / lawnchair / discreet launcher
Dialer emerald / koler
Encrypt Photos on Device photok
Encrypted File Transfer croc / wormhole-william
Turn On Display by Waving waveup
Keep Screen Awake coffee
Share Screenshots Quickly screenshot sharer
Block Calls yet another call blocker
Disroot Online Services disroot app
Crypto Price Widget simple crypto widget
Btc/Fiat Price Converter minimalistic price converter

Bitcoin Wallet samourai
Lightning Wallet zeus / blixt
Watch Only Wallet sentinel
XMR Wallet monerujo / mynero / anonero
Multicoin Wallet stack wallet


Guardian Project
Simple Mobile Tools

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