Hosting BTCPay Server w/ LunaNode
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Hosting BTCPay Server w/ LunaNode

A simple 10 step guide to deploying BTCPay Server on LunaNode. Accept BTC, LN, XMR, (+Alts w/ FixedFloat) easily for ~ $10/month
Hosting BTCPay Server w/ LunaNode
  1. Create a LunaNode account
  2. Add credits to LunaNode with Bitcoin (Use an SMS verification service like JuicySMS or SMS4SATS to 'verify your phone number')
  3. On your LunaNode dashboard select API from the menu bar
  4. Visit
  5. Paste in your API key and API ID then select continue
  6. Use the generated LunaNode IP or your own domain (If using your own domain – add an A Record to the DNS settings of your domain to bind with the IP of your server)
  7. Customize BTCPay according to your needs (add SSH key, SSL e-mail, altcoins, Lightning Network implementation, etc.)
    Note: If using more than two altcoins, go with a better hosting plan. For more info see:
  8. Select Launch VM and wait ~ 5 minutes for the server to deploy
  9. Go to your domain (or LunaNode IP)
  10. Wait for your node(s) to sync (the speed depends on the hosting plan you chose & the number of coins you added)

Done. Now you can create your store, add your wallet(s), and accept payments directly. For more info on using BTCPay see:

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