JuicySMS: Anonymous SMS Verification Service (Accepts BTC & XMR)
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JuicySMS: Anonymous SMS Verification Service (Accepts BTC & XMR)

Avoid providing your real phone number when signing up for online accounts. Use JuicySMS to receive SMS verification codes anonymously.
JuicySMS: Anonymous SMS Verification Service (Accepts BTC & XMR)

When signing up for online accounts you will encounter many services require you to provide a phone number which they will send a 6 digit "verification code" via SMS.

JuicySMS is a service that provides you temporary phone numbers to receive these codes, so you don't have to use your personal number.

Lets jump right into it –

Account creation

For increased privacy it is recommended to use a VPN when accessing JuicySMS
  • Visit juicysms.com
  • Press the 👤 icon and select "Register"
  • Enter a random email address (you will not have to verify this) and choose a password
  • Select "Register Now"

You now have a JuicySMS account – Be sure to save the email address and password you used in a safe place so you will be able to log back in.


  • Press the 👤 icon and select "Add Funds"
  • Press the drop-down menu under Payment method and choose Bitcoin or Monero
  • Add an amount (3€ is the minimum)
  • Select "Add Funds"

You will then be taken to CoinPayments where the payment information will be provided

Once your payment receives 3 blockchain confirmations your account balance will be credited

Selecting a service

  • Press "Home" in the navigation bar
  • Select the country and service you wish to receive an SMS from.

I am going to use Telegram as an example for this guide.

Once selected you will be taken to the receive page –

Receiving the SMS

You will be provided with a phone number that you will enter into your selected service when creating an account

The website will automatically grab your SMS and display the code to you as soon as it arrives.

If after a minute or two you do not receive the SMS code – press "SKIP THIS NUMBER" and you will be provided with a new number to use.

Enter the code displayed into your selected service.

That's it!

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