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NIP-05 Verification

Get a NIP-05 Identifier ✅

NIP-05 is a human readable identifier for your Nostr public key which makes finding and identifying your account easier. Your identifier is displayed on your profile & you get a cool verified checkmark next to your username.

This is a free service to help promote our blog. If you find it valuable, we accept tips @ or you can send us zaps* on nostr: ♥️

The username you request can but does not have to match your nostr @username. It can be whatever you wish (if not already taken)

*Your public key must be submitted in HEX format. Paste your npub in the conversion tool below: then fill out and submit the form.


After submission

Open your Nostr client and add <YourUsername> into the NIP-05 field in profile settings.

Your client should display a checkmark symbol next to your handle and you should see by your username. Please wait ~60 minutes for these changes to take effect. Not all clients support this yet – to test if it's working visit:<yourpubkeyhere>

Search in your client to find other users who are verified with us.

Display our logo as a badge on your profile

NIP-58 are special events used to define, award and display badges in user profiles

Profile Badges (or Badge Awards) may be awarded by the badge creator in recognition, in gratitude, for participation, or in appreciation of a specific goal, task, or cause. While the user who receives the badge may choose to decorate their profile with badges for fame, nonliterary, recognition, and support from badge issuers they deem reputable.

For support join The Sovereign Bitcoiner group chat @ or send us an email at
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