Peach: Non-KYC P2P Platform
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Peach: Non-KYC P2P Platform

Peach: Non-KYC P2P Platform

It's been a month since I've started using @peachbitcoin. This month was much more comfortable for me, as Bitcoin user. Any buying or selling was.. Peach of cake, like the slogan tells. Here's a quick guide about Peach, and it's quick only because of the awesome and ease UX!

So, what's @peachbitcoin? Peach is an application for Android & iOS, for peer-to-peer transactions on-chain. There's no need for passport picture, nor driving license. All is needed is just internet connection, a password, and configuration for preferred payment method.

The good thing @peachbitcoin does is that the data kept locally on the device & encrypted. That's why it's important to save the account password, as there's no other way to unlock the account otherwise. Account's file saved in .json format, wherever wished to.

In the application it's possible to find 50K, 100K, 200K, 350K & 500K SATs options for buying & selling. I've heard larger options will be added soon. Sellers can choose between -20% to +20% of market price.

Once seller fund the escrow, he's able to publish his offer and @peachbitcoin will look to find an appropriate match of a buyer. The buyer screen is even simpler, just scan an address and wait for match to pop up.

When a match occurs, the buyer has 12HRs to pay the amount was shown. The faster the buyer will pay, the higher rank he'll be scored. @peachbitcoin has a ranking algorithm that score users for various of actions, in order to protect the users.

Available payment methods are (as for ATM): SEPA, PayPal, Revolut, Wise, Twint, Swish, Amazon Gift Cards in EUR, CHF, GPB & SEC. More to come in the next, as to developers on Telegram group chat. Big shout out for being tied to the community and adding cash option in events!

There's also cool referral program each user is part of and can share his code. Not yet activated, but early adopters are able to gain points on it. New beta wave is about to be sent, registration is available through main website:

The team based in Switzerland and therefore some regulation must be done on that aspect. Each user can obtain up to 1K EUR worth of Bitcoin a day and up to 100K a year KYC free. Looking for more information? Telegram chat is available in here!‌‌

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