Fulcrum, for everybody!
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Fulcrum, for everybody!

If there's something important about your Bitcoin stash, it's your own privacy. You should run your own node, or at least use your friend's. I've set up Fulcrum node for Sparrow wallet's community and thought it would be a good idea to share it with some more.

No logs nor tracking/analysis, at all! But take into consideration, using someone else node isn't the best practice and you should learn about using your own.

Fulcrum's Tor address: rqcbvkan255wranepdrxqzwq2wexy6dpzpltsc7rir4epkz7itufwvqd[.]onion:50021 Feel free to ask about it, use it and explore the benefits of Fulcrum & privacy.

Why Fulcrum and not Electrs? While Electrs is Bitcoin only, it won't handle big data requests and wallet would just fail to load. Fulcrum scales the best for the needs of #Whirlpool or for those who actually transact and use their SATs. More could be found on @craigraw's review here.

Any bounty is appreciated, for maintaining and upgrading hardware. 40% will be donated to Samourai & Sparrow. #PayNym is preferred, but DM me for address if needed.

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