SatSale, a sovereign way to accept donations and get paid
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SatSale, a sovereign way to accept donations and get paid

SatSale is a simple, easily deployable, lightweight Bitcoin payment processor that connects to your own Bitcoin node or Lightning network node. Direct peer-to-peer payments without any middleman. No KYC, and greater privacy than reusing donation addresses
SatSale, a  sovereign way to accept donations and get paid

When we talk about freedom and sovereignty, Bitcoin it's one of the more powerful tools that we have available, it gives us no counter party risk and censorship resistant transactions when used in a non-custodial way. The problem is that, as everything in life, we seek for the most easy and practical side of things, not knowing that this can compromise us in the long term. And this is true for Bitcoin too.

SatSale it's a payment processor FOSS project by Nick Farrow, which aims to bring a more accessible way to receive, donate, or get paid for a service using Bitcoin in a private and non-custodial way.

It features:

  • It creates lightweight VPS for your SatSale processor which then connects and process all transactions directly to your Bitcoin node trough RPC calls and SSH connection, also you can make that the connection between your SatSale instance and your node goes trough a Tor hidden service, or you can make that Satsale site it's a Onion address.
  • Generate new addresses each time, preserving privacy on the receiver side.
  • It also provide you with a payment gateway for you to put on any WordPress site.
  • Lightweight installation and a easy to approach API for developers.
  • Support for lighting transactions and lighting addresses.

How to use it

  1. You need a Bitcoin node, if you don't have one i recommend following this Ubuntu Node Box 2022 guide by Ministry of Nodes or you can buy a plug-and-play node like the Tanto by Ronindojo
  2. It's recommended that you install SatSale on a different machine from your node. Clone and install dependencies
    git clone
    cd SatSale/
    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. Connect to your node
    cd SatSale/
    sudo nano config.toml
    In this file you will have to edit the files with your node information
    host= ""
    rpcport = "8332"
    username = "RPCUSERNAME"
    password = "RPCPASSWORD"
    You can find this information on ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
  4. Then you can choose between ssh or Tor, we are gonna see the Tor hidden service
    If you don't have Tor on your node, download it, then sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc and add the following:
    HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/node_rpc/
    HiddenServicePort 8332
    Then we are going to restart tor and find our onion address
    sudo systemctl restart tor
    cat /var/lib/tor/node_rpc/hostname
    Copy the address
    Add the onion address to your config.toml
    tor_bitcoinrpc_host = "your address .onion"
    Then install tor on the SatSale machine and add to the file/etc/tor/torrc
    SocksPort IsolateClientProtocol IsolateDestPort
    IsolateDestAddr ExtendedErrors IPv6Traffic PreferIPv6
    SocksPolicy accept
    SocksPolicy reject *
    Now start the tor proxy on your SatSale machine with sudo tor and SatSale is now configured to connect to your node over tor.
  5. Launch SatSale
    gunicorn -w 1 -b satsale:app
    Then you will be able to connect to your Satsale instance trough http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:8000/
  6. From this point you have many kinds of configurations depending on the use you wanna make, for example:
  • Embed a button into your website HTML
  • Use HTTPS and configure domains
  • Establish a lightning address
  • Add a payment gateway to your WordPress site through WooCommerce with the PHP plugin
  • SatSale instance on a Tor website

In the github page of the project you will find more documentation about the architecture and privacy.                                                    

Also you can participate and support the project trough github or contacting with the developers at

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