Upgrade RoninDojo to v1.15.0 with Fulcrum indexer
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Upgrade RoninDojo to v1.15.0 with Fulcrum indexer

Upgrade RoninDojo to v1.15.0 with Fulcrum indexer

A new software update from RoninDojo has been released.  A major feature is the ability to upgrade a RoninDojo full node to the Fulcrum indexer. For users of Whirlpool, this will help recall deep wallets faster and more reliably. The team tweeted out the following list of updates:

Add Fulcrum indexer 1.7.0

Dojo updated to 1.17.0

Electrs updated to 0.9.9

tor updated to

Whirlpool updated to 0.10.15


I have the RoninDojo Tanto full node and will be updating to the new RoninDojo v1.15.0 and RoninDojoUI 2.1.2

To start, update tor browser and upgrade your operating system on your btc only laptop. Next confirm you can log into the RoninDojo cli and gui.

From RoninDojo cli go to System, Software Updates, Check for updates, Update RoninDojo.

Dojo will shutdown, containers will stop, initialize and then build. Once completed, about 30 minutes, the node will check for package dependencies. Enter password. Node will check pnpm install.

The terminal logs will close and kick you back to the RoninDojo cli.

Log back in to the RoninDojo Gui on a tor browser. The Gui should show you an updated version 2.1.2 and RoninDojo version 1.15.0 on the dashboard.  

The indexer will be synchronizing.

To swap over to the Fulcrum indexer go to the RoninDojo cli. The dashboard feature to swap over is in the next release.

From the RoninDojo cli navigate to Applications, Manage Applications, enter password, select 3 swap indexer, tap the space bar to add an * to the line, hit enter.

You will get a list of indexers and their descriptions. For Fulcrum select it by typing number 2, hit enter.

Dojo will show shutting down, containers will stop, prepare upgrade and build. This will take another 15 minutes or so.

Once upgraded, logs will close and return to RoninDojo cli.

On the RoninDojo gui, the indexer type will now show Fulcrum and the indexer will be synchronizing.

The Fulcrum indexer will take about 5 days to synchronize. Check the logs under Fulcrum to see the progress.  You will see the percentage indexed in the logs. Once Fulcrum reaches 100% the logs will change to say "verified ok", initializing header merkle cache, height up to date, starting listening service for TcpSrv, starting zmq notifier, new tcp client, controller mempool etc.

Clicking back to the RoninDojo gui dashboard the indexer section will say 100%.

Now that Fulcrum has finished synchronizing confirm Samourai wallet, Sparrow wallet and Whirlpool Gui are connected and functioning as we would like with the new Fulcrum indexer.

Check to see if there are all green checks in Dojo Maintenance Tool.

From RoninDojo cli navigate to credentials, indexer to find the new tor address for your fulcrum server. Copy this address. You will need to update the server url your Sparrow wallet is connected to.

Open Sparrow wallet and click on file, preferences and then the server tab. Select private electrum. Paste in the tor address into the url box. Delete the http:// and the :50001 from the address in the box. Add 50001 in the port box. Now click test connection. Dialog in the logs will say connected and the button on the bottom right of the screen will turn solid blue.

Open your Sparrow wallet with password and enter passphrase. Confirm your paynym and fingerprint in settings. The speed at which the wallet loads should be dramatically faster.

Now open your de googled pixel phone running calyxos or graphene and open Samourai wallet with pin. Check the networking button to see if the dojo is enabled and connected. Check the wallets for correct balances. You can also confirm your wallet is connected to the node by checking the NodeJS logs to see if your xpub shows up there when you open your Samourai wallet on mobile.

Now check Whirlpool connection from the Whirlpool Gui on your laptop. Check to see that tor browser is running, open Whirlpool gui and look for the cli, dojo and tor icons to be green. Enter your wallet passphrase and authenticate. Whirlpool should authenticate and start running automatically.

This completes the update to RoninDojo 1.15.0, swapping to Fulcrum and confirming Sparrow wallet, Samourai wallet and Whirlpool gui are connected.

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